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Sometimes we sit back on the farm with nothing touching the silence except the roosters crowing  and we’re reminded that we’ve given birth to something wonderful down here in Clayton, NC and the only words that come to mind is Thankful, Grateful and Blessed.


Most homesteading stories start with getting a few chickens.  Well, ours starts out with a little girl growing up in rural Scottsville, VA with a dream in her heart to live close to the land with a farm of her own one day and a husband who loves sharing in her dream.  Fast forward to the 1990’s and that dream got a little closer as Zina start doing some serious home gardening and growing a lot of our family’s own food.  In 2010, after relocating to North Carolina we got serious about farming and started a small urban farm producing eggs, vegetables and fruit.  This eventually led to adding in selling plant starts so others could benefit from growing their own food.

We strive to produce as much of our own food as possible using self-sustaining, regenerative farming techniques.  We grow many open-pollinated and heritage vegetables, practice seed saving and our gardens are no-till and fertilized by our animals and any food waste we have. We are excited to bring our local community produce, plants, herbs and eggs.  Our life and farm aren’t always picture perfect nor do our best attempts always bring picture perfect results but we know that our animals are well loved and cared for.  

Why do we do this?  Everyone has different answers but we do it to not only provide food for our family and community but to also honor those farmers who came before us, striving to provide for the local community.  Our desire is to build upon this foundation and leave a legacy for our family and the land better than when we came. 

We also give honor to and acknowledge the Tuscarora peoples on whose land we are now farming.


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